Dr. Sam Berne has been in private practice in New Mexico for over 25 years and is an established leader in functional medicine. He uses holistic optometry and vision therapy to improve eye health, vision, and overall wellness. He understands and treats the body as one integrated system rather than a collection of independent organs, in order to identify and address the root causes of disease. This approach views each person as genetically and biochemically unique; therefore, his treatment methods are personalized and tailored to the individual.
Dr. Berne uses Whole Health Methods to give patients approachable, immediately usable, and powerful protocols for improving their vision and wellness. He has developed innovative methods for healing the mind-body-spirit through eye therapy and provides individuals with natural alternatives for reducing disease and improving vitality. These methods offer a holistic solution to children and adults with autism, ADHD, cataracts, dry-eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and many other conditions.
Sean H. Worthington is a tenured faculty member in the Computer Science Department of Butte College in Northern California and an expert in computer information systems. He is the author of the book Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currencies, and is the Creator of
CloudCoin, the worlds first Cloud-based currency.

The Secret World of Scars with Leigh Ankrum

With over 30 years in private practice, Leigh Ankrum is a nationally-known bodyworker who focuses on assisting the body in its own natural healing mechanisms, walking with clients on their journey back to health. Leigh studied at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and has deep education in Cranial Sacral therapy, Rolfing, Lymphatic massage, Neuromuscular, and many other modalities.  She has studied trauma and how it manifests in the body — important for today.  Leigh has been teaching for more than 29 years. In 2016 she founded the  Ankrum Institute for Advanced Integrative Bodywork. Ankruminstitute.com.

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Richard Gordon is considered a pioneer in the field of energy medicine, with more than 40 years of experience. He is the author of four best-selling books, now published in 17 languages. Gordon attended the Christos School of Natural Medicine, had been on faculty at Heartwood Institute and the Holistic Health Institute. With certified practitioners of his work in over 50 countries, Richard’s work was praised by Dr. C. Norman Shealy (founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association) as “The first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.” Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch Organization, is a visionary and a pioneer. With 37 years of experience in the field of energy medicine, Richard is the bestselling author ofQuantum-Touch: The Power to Heal and his most recent book, The Secret Nature of Matter. 


Selina Delangre proudly continues the extraordinary legacy of Jacques Delangre, in her position as the CEO of Celtic Ocean International, Inc., which is the parent company of Selina Naturally® and the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.   Selina is an enthusiastic spokeswoman about the critical importance of properly harvested sea salt, and she personally inspects every location from which Celtic Sea Salt® is harvested. These artisanal harvesting methods maintain the integrity of the essential minerals in the salt, which are vital to optimal health and superior taste. She has spent decades researching for solutions for proper daily nutrition and ways to obtain them.

Dr. Mike  taught science for 6 years starting in 1975, while he earned a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health. Dr. Evangel has been a practicing chiropractic physician since 1986. He is a 7th degree black belt in tae kwon do. He was invited by the South Korean National Tae Kwon Do Team to be their attending physician at the Asian Games in 1986 . Dr. Mike has taught police defensive tactics for over 25 years and instructed many federal agents, including agents from the FBI and the US Marshal Service. He writes a blog for The Ramsey Patch on health, fitness, longevity, nutrition and the environment.

Fred Dombrow

Fred  is a 3rd generation textile chemist and textile engineer. He owned and operated Coral Dye & Finish in Paterson, NJ for over 20 years, where he had over 100 employees. Fred learned family textile secrets from his father and grandfather that are not taught in schools, even at the PhD level. During that time, Fred developed a proprietary infusion technique to bond a Quaternary Antimicrobial to fabric, which major manufacturers attempted to do for decades and never were able to accomplish. That technique was modified to FIR Industries’ patent pending mineral infusion technology, which is what makes our products unique.
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Dr. George L. Carlo is a world recognized medical scientist, best-selling author and attorney. His career spans thirty-five years and more than 250 medical, scientific and public policy publications in the areas of human performance, public safety, health care,
consumer protection and metabolic mechanisms. He has advanced degrees in medical sciences, neurophysiology, natural sciences and biology. He has written three books and his discoveries have been incorporated into United States and global patents in areas including neuro-physiologic function, anti-viral pharmaceuticals, medical devices, environmental protection technologies, mind-body balance, leadership and human performance. He has held appointments as Chairman of the non-profit Science and Public Policy Institute and Secrets of Champions, Ltd. both based in Washington, D.C. He is presently Chairman of the Secrets of Champions Foundation based in Jamestown, New York, a Visiting Professor at Longwood University in Virginia and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for McKay Preparatory Academy for Autistic children in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Carlo is featured in the documentary, Generation Zapped. about he impact pf our WIFI world on our health.adaptationproject.org
Patented EMF technologies - GiaWellness.com/yes
Molecular Hydrogen - Vita;-Reaction 
Julia Ross is a pioneer in the use of nutritional therapy for the treatment of eating disorders, addictions, and mood problems. The director of several integrative treatment clinics in the San Francisco Bay area since 1980, Julia also trains and certifies health professionals and lectures widely. She is the author of the best-selling books, The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure. Her work has been featured in publications from Vogue to the Journal of the American Psychological Association as well as online and on radio and television programs.

Joan Shenton, the director of the London production company Meditel, has produced over 50 documentaries on health issues for network television, including 8 on AIDS. Shenton's programmes have been made for the BBCChannel 4Thames TV and Central TV. Her most recent documentary  is Sacrifical Virgins, a documentary about the harm cause by the Gardasil vaccine. 




Helen Lobato is an independent health researcher with a background in critical care nursing. She holds a Media Studies degree and was for many years a presenter of community radio programs focusing on women’s currents affairs and women’s health. Helen is the author of Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed an in-depth investigation of HPV vaccines which exposes the cracks in the pharmaceutical industry and highlights the problems that arise when government regulators and corporate interests are prioritised ahead of patient safety, independent science and common sense. She is the author of Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed
Dr. Haché is a graduate from the Quebec Institute of Naturopathy  and completed his studies in Homeopathy. John graduated from Quebec’s leading school of Herbology where he became a member of the Quebec Association of Phytotherapists . Other training included Microscopy and Cryotechnology and stem cell research with Cryotech Labs. He received his Doctorate in Natural Medicine is a registered member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners  (WONMP). After founding two Naturopathic Schools, John continues to lecture on the principles and application of Homotoxicology, Homeopathy and Naturopathy throughout Canada for different professional organizations.  Since 2000, John has lectured extensively throughout Europe and North America on the use of Interactive Neuro Stimulation as well as instructing for Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board   and is currently President of the Biofeedback Association of North America.

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