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with Dr. Andreas Papas

Andreas M. Papas is a renowned vitamin E expert and a founding member of Yasoo Health. He holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and combines 25 years of academic and industrial experience in nutraceuticals. A Fulbright Scholar at the University of Illinois, Dr. Papas is currently an Adjunct Professor at the College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University. He is the author of The Vitamin E Factor (HarperCollins, 1999).

with Connie Engel, Ph.D and Janet Gray Ph.D

Connie Engel, Ph.D., Program Coordinator at the Breast Cancer Fund, is an expert on the conjunction of science and advocacy in the environmental breast cancer movement. Her extensive study of social movements, social change, and health psychology provide a cross-disciplinary lens to the Breast Cancer Fund's science-based advocacy efforts. Her work focuses on efforts to translate the science into public education and market- and policy-based change.

Janet Gray Ph.D. is professor of psychology (neuroscience) and Director of the Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) at Vassar College. She received her B.A. in psychology afrom Simmons College, and her Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience from the Universsity of Massachusetts in Amherst.

with Dr. James Wilson

James L. Wilson D.C., N.D., Ph.D. has helped thousands of people experiencing adrenal fatigue regain their health and vitality during his many years of private practice.

For the past 10 years he has lectured extensively to physicians and is acknowledged as an expert on endocrine imbalances and their impact on health, including the effects of stress on adrenal function.

He is the person who presented adrenal fatigue as a distinct, diagnosable syndrome. A scientist as well as a physician, Dr. Wilson holds 3 doctorate degrees and 2 master's degrees, all from different health disciplines.

He was one of the founding fathers of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Ontario and is listed in The International Who's Who in Medicine (Cambridge, England).

His internationally-renown book, Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome (Smart Publications, 2001), is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to uncovering, dealing with and preventing adrenal fatigue and the negative effects of stress on health. Dr. Wilson currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

with Elise Ballard  

Elise Ballard is an actress, independent filmmaker and producer, the creator of, and now, an author. Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform is her first book. She started her career in entertainment working as an actress in New York, Austin, TX and Los Angeles, and moved into producing in Los Angeles as a partner in a production company that produced films distributed by Lionsgate and Monarch Entertainment. Her critically acclaimed directorial debut, Lord of the Wiens: A Dachumentary, a movie about the annual Wiener Dog Races in Buda, TX, became a cult hit, receiving considerable national press coverage, playing film festival circuits and PBS, and is still selling to lovely dachshund fans worldwide. Since then, she has created, directed and produced numerous projects including BackStage: Behind the Scenes segments for Time Warner cable’s Publik Music channel; FitPack, a series of short exercise regimens and viral ads by NYC celebrity trainer Joel Harper, and the YOU DVDs accompanying the YOU book series by world-renowned, bestselling authors, Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen. She is currently in development on several projects, including more for, film and television versions of the project, and future books for the Epiphany series.

with documentary producer Marcus Freudenmann

This documentary will empower you to take charge of your own health. It will teach you how to discern clearly what will heal and what will damage your body’s innate ability to heal, so you won’t be a victim of this greedy medical system. The human physique and its emotional imbalances are a key focus point for many of the cancer experts as a healthy mind-body connection is necessary for a patient to recover and stay well.

With 31 leading global cancer experts, scientists, doctors and authors “CANCER is curable NOW” is the most comprehensive and conclusive documentary about CANCER and HOLISTIC CANCER TREATMENTS ever made. Additional to a multitude of physical and dietary treatments this groundbreaking documentary uncovers the various problems, physical and emotional, that promote and cause cancer.

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