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The most profound healing  gift of all is found within our very breath.  Learn how the flow of breath is directly affected by chronic tensions in the body and in the mind.  When breath starts flowing through more of the body, it becomes a direct agent of healing massaging and melting any areas of tension it touches.   Experience the healing technique as taught 2500 years ago by the Buddha!
Will Johnson received his B.A. in Art and Archaeology, magna cum laude, in 1968 from Princeton University. Upon graduating, he worked as an art critic for Art News magazine in New York City before moving to the west coast of North America where he began exploring the lived experience of the body and its relationship to conditions of consciousness.  He became a Buddhist practitioner in 1972 and a Certified Rolfer in 1976.  In the mid 1990s he founded The Institute for Embodiment Training, a teaching school that, through combining Western somatic principles with Eastern meditation techniques, views the body as the doorway, not the obstacle, to personal growth and spiritual transformation.  He has written a number of books about the role of the body in spiritual practices, including The Posture of MeditationThe Spiritual Practices of Rumi, and Breathing Through the Whole Body.  He travels and teaches throughout North America.  His website is
Dr. Braverman, aka “America’s Brain Doctor,” has dedicated his life to helping his patients get their life back by reversing the aging process as the years pass by. He does this through a variety of ways, including hormone replacement therapy, supplementation, and changes in diet. His latest book Younger Brain, Sharper Mind explores ways to keep your brain sharp even into the golden years by feeding your body what it needs to be healthy, how exercise plays a role in this process, and rearranging parts of your life to put yourself in the best position to preserve this vital organ for many years to come.
Saida shares her experience and teachings  for every woman who desires to be erotically alive and succulently vibrant and for every man that desires to support the women in his life to blossom into their full beauty.

What Women Must Know
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