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The Direct Connection Between the Health of your Teeth and the Health of Your Body  with Dr. Victor Zeines

Dr. Zeines has been practicing Holistic Dentistry for the past 25 years.  He received his degree from N.Y.C.  College of Dentistry and completed an internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester New York.

Dr. Zeines always believed that dentistry needed to do more then just “fix teeth.”

In 1980, he received a Masters in Science (Nutrition) from the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut.  He received Fellowship Status from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1982.  An early article by Dr. Zeines called “Nutritional Eases Dental Problems,” published in 1980, talks about the link regarding oral and systemic health.

Today, there is increased understanding of the impact of oral health on the rest of the body.  There is an increasing body of support for the multiple connections between oral health and total wellness.

There are more links between the practice of medical dentistry and medicine then ever before.  “We have always known that protecting the health of gums will help patients to keep not just their teeth, but their life,” says Dr. Zeines.  Unhealthy gum tissue leads to chronic infection and inflammation – and that is one of the most important concepts that has been developed in Dentistry in the past 50 years.  When inflammation is controlled, patients and physicians have a chance at controlling everything from heart disease to diabetes to successful pregnancy.

Dr. Zeines is the author of”Healthy Mouth Healthy Body” “Living A Longer Life- Naturally” and  “Your Tongue Never Lies”  He is also a contributing writer for Rodale’s The Herbal Drugstore, and he makes regular appearances on radio and television.  Dr. Zeines is one of the contributors of the film “Food Matters.”  Dr. Zeines hosts the “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body” show on

A member of the Advisory Board of, Dr. Zeines uses a combination of homeopathy, kinesiology, nutrition and aromatic therapy along with bio-compatible materials in a gentle relaxed atmosphere.

Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation with Dr. Devra Davis

Few of the world’s five billion cell phones users question whether these universal gadgets are safe. In fact, these devices that we hold to our heads and keep in our pockets work like miniature radio stations that radiate microwave energy. U.S. cell phone safety standards, set almost three decades ago prior to the era of handheld wireless technology, assume that the average call was less than six minutes. Today’s average smart phone, time of use, or user—more than half of whom are under the

age of 20, their brains still developing and their skulls more susceptible than adults’. Remember: we once thought smoking was harmless.

Dr. Devra Davis, who   was designated a National Book Award Finalist for When Smoke Ran Like Water (2002, Basic Books),  founded Environmental Health Trust in 2007 in Teton County, Wyoming to provide basic research and education about environmental health hazards and promote constructive policies locally, nationally and internationally.

The Amazing Healing Power of Double Helix Water with David Gann

New insights into Meridians hypothesize that Qi flows throughout the body on a thin layer of water with nanometer-sized particles of Stable Water Clusters within the current. When these Stable Water Clusters are misaligned or blocked, the energy cannot flow and maladies occur.As Double Helix Water is comprised of Stable Water Clusters, it may help build bridges over these blockages and realign the energy flow, letting the body restore its natural balance and facilitate cell-to-cell communication pathways. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Meridian System is based on the concept that Qi, or energy, flows throughout the body, allowing the body to heal itself and stay in balance. Double Helix Water has unlocked nature’s own way of repairing the Meridian System.

Mr. Gann’s scientific career spans over 30 years. He co-founded Aequiterus LLC with Dr. Lo and is a co-inventor and patent holder with Dr. Lo on the company’s recent patent filings. Mr. Gann is responsible for designing and constructing the Company’s state-of-the-art laboratory.

The laboratory features a Class 100 clean room and an Atomic Force Microscope (the most advanced microscope existing today), a highly advanced water filtration system and a production line. Mr. Gann’s scientific, engineering, and management experience covers three decades as an integral member of numerous scientific teams.

He has been successful in developing cutting-edge technologies: such as the first ultra-high-density magnetic recording medium for Zwan Magnetics (early 1980’s), which included research into the manufacture of rare-earth magnets. During the late 1990’s, in conjunction with UCLA, Mr. Gann’s began his research into the detection and labeling of nano-sized particles found in homeopathic solutions.

His successes lead to isolating a 2-micron-sized ice particle (formed under specific electrical fields) that was stable at room temperatures and had potential biological and industrial applications. A similar particle, also isolated, became the center of a line of research by the Department of Immunology at UCLA as a stimulant of T-cells (human immune system), with more than 57 blind studies all demonstrating dramatic significant improvements in immune response. Mr. Gann has organized educational symposiums on crucial environmental issues, including global climate change and nuclear waste cleanup in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratories. Mr. Gann holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science UCM with post-graduate work in Physics.

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