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Natural Ways to Heal Breast Cancer from a Breast Cancer Conqueror with Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

In 2004, Dr. Desaulniers discovered what women fear most. She was diagnosed with  breast cancer .  She chose a holistic path and has successfully healed herself of breast cancer. She shares her journey and her 7 fundamental keys that are critical to heal from all chronic illnesses.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as “Dr. V”, has maintained successful practices in the Wellness Field since 1979. Certified in many Post Graduate protocols, she has undertaken extensive studies in the various fields of “Energy Medicine”. Specializing in Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy, Digital Thermography and Chiropractic, Dr V brings a unique approach to Health and Wellness. With over 32 years experience in the Wellness Industry, Dr V has touched the lives of over 20,000 patients.

As a Breast Cancer Conqueror, my mission is to empower women around the globe about Alternative Cancer Therapies and to inspire them to be Proactive with Prevention.

Dr. V offers personal Cancer Coaching through her website

Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, Lose Hormonal Problems, Lose Heart Disease with Dr. William Davis

Discover why one of the most toxic foods you can eat is wheat. Learn why!

Dr. Davis, the author of the NEW York Times Best Selling book, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health, practices preventive cardiology–hardly a stent in sight!–in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he bases his practice, writing career, blogging and other activities.  He  is  a graduate of the St. Louis University School of Medicine and the Ohio State University Hospitals for training in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases. He also  trained in advanced cardiac catheterization techniques and coronary angioplasty in the Case-Western Reserve University system in Cleveland, Ohio. But he  essentially left that training in the dust of new-lessons-learned.
He is a Medical Director and founder of the Track Your Plaque program for heart disease prevention and reversal. This program was articulated in the book, Track Your Plaque: The only heart disease prevention program that shows how to use the new heart scans to detect, track, and control coronary plaque, as well as the online program by the same name ( Wheat elimination along with the nutritional principles articulated in Wheat Belly serve as the cornerstone of my heart disease prevention efforts used in the Track Your Plaque program, as well. He is  currently serving as Vice President for Cardiology for ObesityPPM (, a consulting firm to industry and government to provide solutions to overweight and obesity.
April 15 - What You MUST Know  About Hysterectomies with Vikki Georges Hufnagel M.D.

Learn why 90% of All Hysterectomies Are Unnecessary and what to do to prevent them.  Also discover natural solutions to support you if you have already had a hysterectomy.Why is it not publicized that a woman will lose 30% of her bone mass within 2 years of having a hysterectomy?  Why is it not publicized that 70% of women that get their tubes tied end up with a hysterectomy within 5 years - the solution offered to the problems associated with getting tubes tied?  Also discover natural solutions to support you if you have already had a hysterectomy

Vikki Georges Hufnagel MD was a founding member of the Berkeley Women’s Health Collective. She helped to establish the first free clinic for women at Berkeley CA. She wrote chapters for the revolutionary self help book “Ourbodies ,Oursleves”    As a medical student, she documented the Dalkon Shield as causing severe infections and death  and worked in lab to isolate chlyamadia. In residency she created revolutionary concepts in women’s health care  at the American College of Ob Gyn : IntraOperative Ultrasound, Screening for Ovarian Cancer ,Red Uterine Syndrome, Prenatal Process and others. She wrote grants and received WHO  award of achievement in educating women about the menstrual cycle and family planning . She served as Chief Resident and  Gynaecological Oncology fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine .
While at Cedars Sinai Medical Center  in Los Angeles  she found data showing hysterectomy abuse.  She worked as a volunteer with NIH for four year to write the government document on hysterectomies . She wrote   the nation’s first informed consent law for hysterectomies as well as  the first informed consent law for mastectomies . She  became the first physician to write laws for patient protection.
Dr. Hufnagel was asked by NIH to work on a program to create a government department for alternative medicine.  She was one of the first physicians to speak on issues of ethics in women’s medical care. spoke oyr about thte fact that women’s medicine was dominated by myths on female psychology which resulted in the treatment of symptoms rather than diagnosis. She created FRS,Female Reconstructive Surgery in 1980 and by 1985.
A Key to Long Life - Nutritional  Genomics: Your Genes Are NOT Your Destiny
The leading-edge science of nutrigenomics is paving the way to discover what each person requires to optimize their gene expression leading to optimal health and a long, healthy life. Diet, life style and specific targeted nutritional based gene profile can enhance your gene expression.
Dr. Margie Smith is a Molecular Geneticist with over 20 years experience in Neuro-
genetics and Cancer genetics. She has worked in major teaching hospitals in New
Zealand and Australia. Specifically Margie worked with families affected by early-
onset Alzheimer’s disease and more recently in the diagnostic screening for
heritable breast and breast/ovarian cancer.
Working with an American based company Transgenomics Margie established high
throughout genetic analysis using WAVE Technology. This enabled breast cancer
screening to be used in diagnostic laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and
Margie has published in the areas of both cancer and neurogenetics and she has
recently contributed to the publication Dementia.
Recently Margie became the co-founder of a Nutritional Genomics company called
SMART DNA.  This company has established affordable, Predictive and
Preventative Nutrition based genetic testing for practitioners and their clients. This
Nutritional profiling is personalised and covers a number of health areas including
cholesterol profiling, Phase I and Phase II detox and weight management.
SMART DNA is challenging the one size fits approach to nutrition and health.

What Women Must Know
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