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Aging Backwards with Miranda Esmonde-White

 Miranda Esmonde-White is a New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s greatest advocates and educators of healthy aging. Following her career as a professional ballerina, Miranda developed her own fitness technique, Essentrics® in 1997, and became the flexibility trainer to numerous professional and Olympic athletes and celebrities. Esmonde-White’s award-winning PBS documentaries, Aging Backwards, Aging Backwards 2, and Forever Painless are revolutionizing the way we understand the role that fitness plays in slowing down the aging process while keeping our bodies feeling young, strong and healthy.



Talking Points


  • WHY is correct posture directly related to how youthful we feel, and how can we transform our posture with Miranda’s special exercise formula in 30 days?


  • WHY does muscle atrophy begin in our 40s and 50s causing stiffness and lower metabolism – and HOW do we prevent and reverse it and jump start our weight loss in only 23 minutes?



  • Why it is so important to be gentle as we exercise in order to live in a pain-free body no matter what your age?


  • What is happening in our muscles, connective tissue and bones as we age, and how we can reverse many negative physical changes that occur to our bones, muscles, and vitality as we get older?

Dr. Rachna Patel is a world recognized expert in the field of Medical Cannabis & CBD oil.  She offers consultations and courses, so that people can relieve their symptoms, transform their health & live a better quality life.She completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (IL) & earned her medical degree from Touro University (CA). After spending years training as an Emergency Medicine Doctor and working with patients to help alleviate pain, Dr. Patel ventured into the field of Medical Cannabis in 2012.  In 2014, she started her own practice so that she could offer people care they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.Dr. Patel’s knowledge of medical marijuana & CBD Oil has made her an asset in the specialty. She has been interviewed on over 200 podcasts, has taken the stage internationally to spread awareness, has been featured in articles for Lifehacker and MindBodyGreen and has appeared on major news networks such as NBC.

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A Revolutionary Way  for Achieving Optimal Weight and Health: Carb Choice, a Personalized Genetic Profile to Determine How Effectively You Metabolize Carbohydrates with Dr. Paul Beaver

 For over 30 years Dr Paul Beaver’s passion and focus has been on personalised healthcare as a result of the early death of his father from cancer at 52 years old, then the diagnosis of his mother with terminal cancer eight years later.Since 2006 Paul has pioneered the use of Genetic Profiling and Nutrigenomics, to improve the health and well-being of people. Paul has developed several genetic profiles, based on a unique ‘Systems Biology’ Approach to help Practitioners integrate the new science of Nutrigenomics into their clinical practice. In addition, Paul has developed a comprehensive Nutrigenomics education program, and has personally trained over 1,000 General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, such as cardiologists and Allied Health Practitioners, such as Nutritionists from all over the world. Paul has worked closely with hundreds of these practitioners to improve the health and wellbeing of their patients.  On the 28th of November 2018 Paul was officially recognized as 1 of the 15 Laureates for the Gusi Peace Prize International award 2018, out of the total of 120 global nominations. This award is considered the Nobel Peace Prize of Asia, and Dr Michael Nobel, the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards, and the last surviving nephew of the original Alfred Nobel, was there to present Paul his award. Paul is only the 4th Australian to receive this prestigious award since its inception in 2000.

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James Frame who is the CEO and co-founder of Symphony Natural Health and has been in the natural products industry for over 20 years. During that time he has established a global business that has supplied over 3000 tons of herbs and now operates in 11 countries. His operation controls the whole process from seed to shelf and consists of organic and sustainable farming as well as creating industry in thirddworld countries, which injects 5 times more into the local communities than just buying raw materials.

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