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How to Reverse Aging According to Traditional Chinese Medicine with Angelo Druda

An old country woman first showed Angelo the medicinal power of herbs in 1970 upstate New York. Thus began a botanical study that has still not come to end.   Angelo is a certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of The Australian Natural Therapist Association, and a senior educator in Mate Moce - the Ministry established by the great spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj to instruct and serve human beings about the death process.
Angelo's seminars about ancient rejuvenation practices and the death process have been offered all over the world. He is the author of, The Tao of Rejuvenation. 

Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life with Jan Fishler and L. (Elle) Gianforte 
L. (Elle) Gianforte is an award-winning writer with experience in both the advertising and publishing arenas. Her copywriting career extends from New York to London to California, including work for a diversity of business-to-consumer clients. She is also a collaborative author, ghostwriter, and developmental editor, and several of her books have been written under the name L.G. Mansfield. The genres she has worked in include lifestyle, fashion, interior design, self-help, adoption, memoir, and food. She earned her BA degree in English from Kean University in New Jersey and attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. 

Jan Fishler began her career writing and producing informational and motivational videos. In addition to developing more than 100 corporate scripts, she produced "The Path to Publication" DVD series. Filmed at the Community of Writers Conference at Squaw Valley, the series contains advice from authors that include Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, Janet Fitch, and Mark Childress. In 2010, she self-published an adoption memoir, Searching for Jane, Finding Myself. She has written for Vietnow National Magazine and The Union newspaper. She has a BS in English literature from Ohio University and an MA in educational technology from California State University, San Francisco.

They are the authors of  'Don't Stop Now: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life “.


The Importance of Hemp Extract  for Health and How to Choose the Very Best One with Emek Blair, Ph.D


Emek Blair, Ph.D. did his  graduate work in Bio-Analytical Chemistry at The University of California, Irvine where he received three major awards for his work on enzymes and lipids. Over ten years ago, Dr. Blair discovered a natural method to form liposomes.  Dr. Blair has formulated over 60 unique liposomal formulas . Dr. Blair continues to perform clinical trials with various high-impact medical doctors around the world; this research shows how natural products, when properly delivered, are critical to maximizing health. He has recently formulated  Liposomal Hemp Extract Product, called OptiHemp, one of the most bio-available hemp extract products in the world. 
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Dr. Leland Stillman studied environmental health and biology at Connecticut College and received his medical doctorate from the University of Virginia. He now works as a general internist and will begin allergy and immunology fellowship at the University of Mississippi in July. His research interests include light, metabolism, immunity, and longevity.
The Big Story about Vitamin K with Kiran Krishnan
Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist whose focus is the human microbiome and wellness. With his particular expertise in the newest frontier in microbiology, gut commensal spore bacteria, Kiran is a frequent lecturer, largely to national and international medical audiences, but also as an expert guest on live radio and satellite podcasts. Coming from a strict research background in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa, over the last seventeen years Kiran has conducted dozens of human clinical trials in human nutrition through the Clinical Research Organization he established. In addition to his recently published, ground-breaking leaky gut study showing reversal of gut enteropathy within thirty days, Kiran is currently involved in seven other ongoing human clinical trials testing the effect of gut commensal spore probiotics on such conditions as AIDS/HIV gut enteropathy, thyroid/hashimoto’s, irritable bowel syndrome and liver failure, as well as a longer, more extensive leaky gut trial.

What Women Must Know
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