How to Regenerate the Brain: Practical Technologies that Heal Strokes, Parksinsons Disease, Brain Trauma., Learning, Austism and ADD, and much More!!!

Dr. David Manes is Board Certified in both neurotherapy and neurofeedback, and is also a biofeedback Instructor. He holds six other certifications in neurosciences. He pioneered discoveries in Brain Wave therapy using frequencies that aid in memory and cognitive processing. He has developed new treatment modalites: Neuro Plasticity Sound Therapy and the Gymente Lobe Specific Brain Communication technologies. These protocols have been developed to apply the information gained from researching the brain and sound frequencies in order to enhance and expand learning and cognitive processing. This work has been applied to populations with addictions, PTSD, Attention Deficit Disorders, stroke, Parkinson's, brain injuries, bipolar disorders, and depression with remarkable success.

In the early part of his career, he was a successful corporate executive working for Atari, GECC, 3M and Bridgestone. He was in neuroscience research for over eighteen years until his corporate career came to an abrupt end when he had a debilitating stroke which left him non-functional for over a year. When state of the art therapies did not help him, he applied his knowledge from his neuroscience research to create a sound envelope technology known as Neuro-Plasticity. He has been upgrading and expanding this treatment technology for the past 20 years. Neuro- Plasticity has over 9,400 highly effective successes in clients coming for clinical treatments since 2002.

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