A Breast and Ovarian Cancer Non-Profit Support Organization You Need to Know About with Victoria Goldberg

 For over five years Victoria Goldberg has been living with MBC (Metastatic Breast Cancer). This type of cancer  is not considered curable.  She had been originally diagnosed with early stage cancer in 2005, was treated and moved on with her life.   For the following 9 years she  had no time to be sick and cancer was the last thing on her mind. Unfortunately, a January 2014  CT scan showed that her cancer had come back and had spread to her liver and bones.  Victoria had an exceptionally good response to her treatments and physically recovered pretty quickly. The more difficult problem was coming to grips with a new reality. She was not yet ready to give up, but the fear of dying was all consuming. A big part of her life and how she defined herself had been her career. Prior to her diagnosis Victoria was an Executive Director in the Corporate IT Department  of JP Morgan Chase. The side effects of the treatment forced her to stop working earlier than she  had planned. Without her job she was lost and depressed. Getting involved with SHARE turned out to be the answer. It gives her structure and purpose. It feels “right”.  She has helped start SHARE’s dedicated  helpline for women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer.  It operates 6 days a week, 12 hours a day by peers living with MBC and serves an ever growing metastatic community across the US and Canada.  She never forgets  that she is living with an advanced disease, but it’s no longer on the forefront of her life.

SHARE is a 40-year-old survivor-led organization that provides support, information, and resources to women affected by breast and ovarian cancers.  Its mission is to help women and their families address the emotional and practical issues that arise from a cancer diagnosis and to provide the support these women need to feel less isolated, better informed, and more empowered as health care consumers.  More than 40,000 times each year, SHARE programs touch women and men affected by breast or ovarian cancer, as well as members of the general public, through support groups, helplines, education programs, and outreach initiatives. 


SHARE started offering supportive services for women facing ovarian cancer in the early 1990s, and its ovarian cancer support program was formalized in 1995 with a contribution from former Miss America Bess Myerson, who had had ovarian cancer in the mid-1970s. SHARE’s ovarian cancer services currently include a helpline staffed by peers, support groups, educational programs and webinars, and outreach to diverse communities to raise awareness about ovarian cancer symptoms, risks, and treatments. 


For more information, visit www.sharecancersupport.org or call our Helpline at 844.ASK.SHARE (844.275.7427).

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