Yvonne Hedeker is the CEO and co-founder of Light Health Research, maker of the DreamSpa Light system.  Light Health Research was founded in 2010 to bring advanced photobiomodulation to consumers.  Their mission was to develop devices that provide cellular and molecular rejuvenation, from the inside-out.  By delivering professional grade phototherapy to everyday people,  Yvonne’s dual background, in both the business world and in health and healing, lined up perfectly with the creation of Light Health Research. I   Yvonne started her career in the business world.  In 1988, as a CPA,  she cofounded a boutique tax and estate planning firm.  In 2000, after becoming bed ridden and diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Yvonne quickly realized that conventional medicine did not have much to offer her, other than alleviation of symptoms with drugs that came with serious side effects.  She  became passionate about health, wellness and natural healing, devouring any information she could get her hands on.  She left the business world and after her recovery became an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, with a practice focused on the body mind connection in healing disease and trauma. 

What Women Must Know
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