Thomas Moore is the author of Care of the Soul, the number one bestselling classic on living a soul-based life. He was a monk through his twenties, studied music composition and then received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Syracuse University. Thomas Moore’s life changed when, as a young boy, his grandfather saved him from drowning—but lost his own life in the process.  Since that day, Moore took a different path, one that led him to become a monk, then brought him back to the world, where he has been a professor, a musician, a psychotherapist, a public speaker, and an author known for his work on deepening soul and cultivating a mature spiritual life, including his #1 New York Times bestselling book Care of the Soul.    Moore provides readers with a new way to think about aging.  In contrast to the perception that aging means diminishment, Moore regards aging as the process by which we become more fully ourselves: a series of initiations, rather than losses. He notes, “Aging with soul is the process of becoming a full, rich, and interesting person.”He has a special relationship with Ireland, where he spends as much time as he can. Thomas has a talented family. His wife Hari Kirin is a serious painter and creator of a program called “Art and Yoga.” His daughter Ajeet is a celebrated musician and spiritual teacher. His stepson Abe is an architect, expanding and deepening the meaning and application of that field



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