Dr. Mike  taught science for 6 years starting in 1975, while he earned a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health. Dr. Evangel has been a practicing chiropractic physician since 1986. He is a 7th degree black belt in tae kwon do. He was invited by the South Korean National Tae Kwon Do Team to be their attending physician at the Asian Games in 1986 . Dr. Mike has taught police defensive tactics for over 25 years and instructed many federal agents, including agents from the FBI and the US Marshal Service. He writes a blog for The Ramsey Patch on health, fitness, longevity, nutrition and the environment.

Fred Dombrow

Fred  is a 3rd generation textile chemist and textile engineer. He owned and operated Coral Dye & Finish in Paterson, NJ for over 20 years, where he had over 100 employees. Fred learned family textile secrets from his father and grandfather that are not taught in schools, even at the PhD level. During that time, Fred developed a proprietary infusion technique to bond a Quaternary Antimicrobial to fabric, which major manufacturers attempted to do for decades and never were able to accomplish. That technique was modified to FIR Industries’ patent pending mineral infusion technology, which is what makes our products unique.
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