Jennifer Horton  is one of those rare gems that truly loves what she does....especially for the last 8 years.  From her first breathless moment dissecting a cows heart in 7th grade, Jennifer wanted nothing more than to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon, and until she found herself pregnant and choosing between family and career, she voraciously devoured medical reports, studies and alternative views to health in her "fun time".  Having put her career on pause to raise her kids in the early years, she stepped back into the work force pursuing certifications in coaching and mediation.  Today she blends a lifetime of skills and interests from both the corporate, medical and entrepreneurial worlds as  the Business Manager. for the Biomat.  Supporting a staff of 3 and a distributorship team of over 500, she prides herself on authentic leadership and a practical approach to health.  

What Women Must Know
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