The Profound Healing Benefits from Water with Robert Slovak

Robert Slovak is a degreed Mechanical and Aeronautical & Astronautical engineer best known for co-founding Water Factory Systems in the early 1970’s.  He and his brother were among the early developers of Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology and its many applications. After officially retiring from the US water industry in 1996, Robert went on to globally share his decades of knowledge and experience. Brazil was his first stop. By 2004 Robert and his associates helped transform Brazil’s water quality infrastructure by providing technical training and publishing a multi-language technical magazine.   While researching water pollution in a remote region he became seriously ill and was introduced to a little-known 123-year-old therapeutic discovery known as Quinton Marine Plasma (after revolutionary French biologist René Quinton). Robert recognized its remarkable history in treating diseases and providing the foundation of cellular health. He became responsible for introducing the ocean products of Spain’s Laboratories Quinton to health practitioners and consumers worldwide. In 2010, Robert co-developed the first reactive molecular hydrogen (H2) tablet (Active H2 ULTRA) to the medical profession and health-minded consumers. Now, widely acclaimed as a medical breakthrough, molecular hydrogen (H2) primarily functions as an essential antioxidant and signaling molecule. Currently Robert’s decade-long interest in Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) took a step forward. With the revival of Russian research from the 1960’s and recent announcements explaining the profound health, medical and longevity benefits of DDW, Robert and his associate acted quickly in creating a new company, Litewater Scientific. Their objective is to offer the most advanced and affordable DDW for consumers and health practitioners.

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