A Conversation with the  Director, Sabine El Gemayel, aboutf the Documentary, Generation Zapped
 Sabine El Gemayel was born in Iran and  also lived in Lebanon.   Sabine moved to Canada in 1987. She receivedt a B.A. in Communications Studies from Montreal’s Concordia University in 1993. Sabine wrote and directed three short 16mm films before moving to Los Angeles in 1994. Since then she has edited a number of feature films such as the award winning Palestinian feature film THE OLIVE HARVEST. 
Currently, Sabine has two compelling socially engaged screenplays ready for production and another feature documentary in development. As a mother, Sabine is on a mission to expose the Truth about the effects of cell phones radiations and wireless technologies on children’s health.
Currently, Sabine directed the documentary,  Generation Zapped.
Generation Zapped is an eye-opening documentary, which reveals that wireless technology poses serious health risks, from infertility to cancer. Through interviews with experts in science and public health, along with people who suffer from high sensitivity to wireless radiation, the film suggests ways to reduce your exposure and protect your family.
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