Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis Therapy for Pain and Healing with Deanna Gabriel

Deanna Gabriel CCH CN is a certified clinical herbalist and clinical nutritionist with a passion for educating others about the use of natural remedies and the creation of beautiful botanical medicines. In addition to her clinical training, she holds a BS in Biology and Public Relations. Deanna received her clinical herbal training in Boulder, CO at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, a two year intensive course of study focusing on the use and preparation of a variety of botanical medicines, human anatomy and physiology, disease pathology, and nutrition.

Deanna currently lives in Boulder, CO where she is a well-respected herbal educator.  She is a current faculty member at the North American Institute of Medical herbalism specializing in Flower Essence Therapeutics and serving as lead faculty for the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification program. Deanna's private clinical practice focuses on Flower Essence Therapy as foundational support for physical, emotional and energetic progression. She also offers a variety of private classes and apprenticeships for beginning and advanced herb lovers. For more information about private sessions, apprenticeships and classes contact Deanna at plantmagichn@gmail.com.

Additionally, Deanna has developed a curriculum of study on Cannabis Therapeutics and Cannabis Medicine Making which includes detailed information about cannabinoids and their effects on the human body and health; applications and dosing strategies; and the creation of medicinal tinctures, oil infusions and salves. Deanna has presented lectures on these topics through the Cannabis Therapy Institute, Greenway University, Canada’s Greenline Academy and at the 2010 Plant Medicine Expo held in Denver, CO and the 2011 Green Relief Conference in Arizona. Deanna acted as co-owner; formulator and medicine maker for the Colorado based herbal infusion company, Cannabis Magic. Cannabis Magic offered tinctures, pain relief salves, massage oils and other cannabis medicines to patients. In 2011 Cannabis Magic joined forces with Dixie Elixirs. This exciting union brought about Dixie Botanicals. These products are currently distributed throughout Colorado and will soon be available in other medical states within the US. For more information on these amazing topical cannabis products visit www.dixieelixirs.com.

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