Confusion reigns supreme in today’s world of  “24/7 information overload”.  Quick fixes for every aging and problem skin issue imaginable surrounds us daily, and  the demand for healthy, environmentally safe and effective beauty products has exploded world wide.  The internet, infomercials, skin spas, department stores and beauty magazines all tout the latest trends and miracle cures, as well as the hottest new products, new "natural" ingredients and treatment devices galore  -all promising to deliver amazing results overnight.  With so many conflicting approaches and ideas being presented, the revolving door of trial and error continues and consumers are increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed. So - how do you get out of this vicious, expensive cycle in beautyland?  Get educated!!  Learn how to sort through the hype and be able to correctly identify your skin's unique and individual needs so that you can safely navigate the aisles of beauty options and make more effective decisions.  Understanding the root causes of skin disorders can help you create a transformational treatment plan – from the inside out - delivering real, lasting results.

Emily Fritchey is a Holistic Skin Therapist and natural health practitioner whose cutting-edge approach to dramatic skin transformation has made her not only a respected trend-setter among her peers in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, but an award-winning product formulator and expert on botanical skin treatments. Preceding her many years in the aesthetics field was her own painful struggle with problem skin that conventional medicine could not resolve.  This led to her to intense study in the field of cosmetic chemistry, nutrition, herbology and natural medicine that ultimately led not only to the solution and resolution of her chronic skin disorders, but to the development of her own results-oriented line of natural skincare products - Sunshine Botanicals.  Her company was recently awarded the “Beauty with a Conscience” award from Natural Solutions Magazine for excellence in product formulation - for the third time.  Her unique approach to product formulation has been published in beauty media, as well as major medical journals, including  Cosmetic Surgery Times, and Dermatology Times - June and August 2008,

What Women Must Know
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