Why we need to keep our cells sensitive to leptin, insulin and other hormones for better health.

Dr. Ron Rosedale is a Internationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine. His interest in metabolic medicine began as a student at Northwestern University Medical School, where he worked with Dr. Jeremiah Stammler, one of the world's experts in the epidemiology of diet, cholesterol, and heart disease. Dr. Rosedale has been a pioneer in applying concepts based on the biology of aging to reversing diabetes and heart disease using a nutritional approach that he has developed to improve the cellular response to insulin, leptin, and mTOR. He has published a highly acclaimed book, The Rosedale Diet, and his success has been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles and in dozens of radio and television interviews. For the last two decades he has lectured worldwide including keynote presentations in Russia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, and India. One lecture in particular, "Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects" given many years ago has achieved worldwide acclaim. He has consistently been, as Dr. Joe Mercola has said, “10 years ahead of the curve”. drrosedale.com

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