with Dian Griesel

TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat-Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust (BSH, March 2011, 200 pages, $24.95) was written by Dian Griesel, PhD, and her brother Tom Griesel. Both are in their 50s, yet can prove they are bio-metabolically in their teens. For a combined 30 years they have worked with biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies while researching, reading and testing countless theories regarding rapid fat loss, maintaining lean body mass, unconscious cravings, health and longevity. In TurboCharged, they “connect the dots” while sharing REVolutionary, simple and easy to implement concepts that result in easy, fast and permanent body fat loss. (www.turbocharged.us.com)

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